The New Wave of Hops: Distilled Oils

Aug 25, 2017 | New Ingredients | 0 comments

We named our brewery Wooden Robot to symbolize the amazing things that can be created by combining tradition with innovation.

In that spirit, we are continually searching for, and experimenting with, new ingredients and processes to raise the bar on the quality and flavor of our rotating offerings.  That is why, when New River Distilling Company in Boone, NC reached out to us with the opportunity to distill some of our hops into a concentrated hop oil, we jumped at the opportunity.  

After careful experimentation, we have found that using their oil we can get loads of saturated, juicy hop flavor into a beer without the grassy and bitter flavors that usually accompany high hopping rates.  Using distilled hop oil also has the benefits of reducing the overall amount of hops needed and improves yield by eliminating the absorption of beer into the leafy hop material.

We are proud to partner with a small, independent, and innovative local company like New River Distilling.  We are committed to constantly innovating and improving what we so passionately do, and we hope you will agree, the proof is in the glass!

To check out the distilling process and for more info on New River Distilling visit their website here!

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