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We are excited to announce we are launching our own food concept in April: Wooden Robot Kitchen.

We’ve loved partnering with Twisted Eats over the years and look forward to serving you in our taproom. We’ve lined up a list of great local food trucks to serve you while we prepare our new kitchen.

2/15: A Tana Empanada 4-9pm
2/16: Katsu Kart 4-9pm
2/17: Uptown Grill 4-9pm
2/18: Katsu Kart 3-10pm
2/19: Katsu Kart 12-10pm
2/20: A Tana Empanada 12-7pm
2/22: A Tana Empanada 4-9pm
2/23: Katsu Kart 4-9pm
2/24: Birria Way 4-9pm
2/25: Katsu Kart 3-10pm
2/26: Katsu Kart 12-10pm
2/27: Katsu Kart 1-7pm
3/1: Uptown Grill 4-9pm
3/2: Sandwich Express 4-9pm
3/3: Sandwich Express 4-9pm
3/4: Tex-A-Lina Barbecue 4-10pm
3/5: Tasty Twist 1-10pm
3/6: Tex-A-Lina Barbecue 12-7pm
3/8: Birria Way 4-9pm
3/9: Tasty Twist 4-9pm
3/10: Tasty Twist 4-9pm
3/11: Birria Way 3-10pm
3/12: Birria Way 1-10pm
3/13: A Tana Empanada 1-7pm
3/15: Sandwich Express 4-9pm

View what’s on tap here.